Impressions of Mozart-Oz

Rick Pettit <>
Sat Dec 14 02:19:30 CET 2002

> And though I hate to say it, if Erlang had a few more imperative features
> then I expect there'd be less resistance to it.  For example, it can be
> pretty tough to explain to someone why they can't have a global updateable
> array, especially when that's a basic feature in just about every other

I don't know a single professional programmer that can't get by without
global variables.  Furthermore, if a programmer feels he/she _cannot_ get
their work done without globals they (IMHO) either need to:  1) graduate from
college and begin working in the industry, or 2) find another career.

Erlang may need work in some areas, but the lack of globals and the inclusion
of things like single-assignment variables are _features_, not bugs.  I would
hate to see these features added so that Erlang can turn into every other 
language out there.  The person that refuses to pick it up because it lacks
global variables and the like may never "get it"...


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