Port I/O in WIN2000 & XP

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Fri Dec 13 23:19:08 CET 2002

"Lars H. Larsen, ICCC" <LHL@REDACTED> writes:
> Any ideas for implementing asynchronous I/O on Port programs in R9
> for Windows 2000...
> The only thing that seems to work is polling to handle 0 , I can't
> get any (windows) overlapped I/O to work and that really kills me !!

Not really an answer to your question but for the R9 GS Erlang
application and Windows we let the port program (wish) open a
localhost socket to Erlang. The port pipe not really used for
anything. I don't know if a pipe is faster than sockets on Windows
2000 but because we support older windows versions where pipes didn't
work that well this seem to be a more safe solution in our case,


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