Message Routing Paradigms

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Fri Dec 13 18:29:49 CET 2002

"Eric Newhuis" <enewhuis@REDACTED> writes:

> To whomever knows,
> Are there any good information sources regarding Erlang message routing
> paradigms?

This seems like a nice opportunity to plug the book "Communicating
Sequential Processes" by C.A.R. Hoare. That's the best description
I've seen of what I think is meant when people say "Erlang programming
the way it's supposed to be", even though the model is not exactly the
same. What especially shines through is the use of selective-receive
as a way to synchronize things. I think most Erlang programmers would
really enjoy it!

There are currently a bunch of second hand copies available via, starting at US$45. Availability seems to vary a
lot - I picked up a very cheap copy there a ways back, but at other
times I've seen the cheapest copy being ~$150.


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