Message Routing Paradigms

Peter Lund <>
Fri Dec 13 19:15:44 CET 2002

You are welcome to differ, but when I was part of the AXD301 
Operation and Maintenance team ages ago (1998), the focus of
EVA was quite much on the human operator, even if so called
"OaM expert systems" also were thought of. I am aware of that
this was well before EVA was integrated into the OTP middle-
ware and it may have switched focus slightly in this process.

Best regards,
Peter Lund

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> Fran: 
> [mailto:]For Vance Shipley
> Skickat: den 13 december 2002 18:08
> Till: Peter Lund
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> Amne: Re: Message Routing Paradigms
> Peter,
> I beg to differ.  They are for my own handlers to receive.  Whether I
> show to an operator is up to me.
> 	-Vance
> On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 06:00:53PM +0100, Peter Lund wrote:
> }  EVA (Event and Alarms) are for messages that are meant for the 
> }  human operator to receive. Not to be confused with system internal 
> }  machine to machine communication...

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