Message Routing Paradigms

Sean Hinde <>
Fri Dec 13 11:31:05 CET 2002

I'm not sure there is really a need for a paradigm - it is the basis of
To get 10k per second you are probably not wanting to do a lot of processing
on each message - but a simple round robin load balancer based on
differently tagged messages is probably no more than a single gen_server
with a little logic
I'm not familiar with these different mechanisms but my guess is that they
are only needed because they don't have Erlang :-)

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From: Eric Newhuis [mailto:]
Sent: 13 December 2002 04:07
Subject: Message Routing Paradigms

To whomever knows,
Are there any good information sources regarding Erlang message routing
I am interested in decoupling publishers and subscribers, possible
space-based load-balancing (like Java Spaces or IBM T-spaces), content-based
subject routing, and it must handle on order of 10K messages per second per

Eric Newhuis

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