undefined erlang snot?

Matthias Lang <>
Thu Dec 12 12:36:56 CET 2002

Ulf Wiger writes:

 > I tried running a program compiled for OTP R7B in OTP R9B,
 > and got the following crash:

 > I don't quite recall if running OTP R7B applications in OTP
 > R9B is _guaranteed_ to work, but it does seem to work most
 > of the time. Is the above problem an OTP bug then?

Last time I wondered about this, the semi-official answer seemed to be
that, yes, R7 apps should work on R9 without recompiling. See:


I can't reproduce your problem. If I compile this module:


  go() ->
        Opts = [1,2,3],
        Thorough = not(lists:member(lazy, Opts)).

with R7B-4 and then run it in R9B, it works (returns true).


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