Mobile Erlang?

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Thu Dec 12 00:26:03 CET 2002

> Can we port the Erlang emulator to Java? 

What Erlang emulator do you mean?

> Qualcomm's BREW?      :)

Another VM. ;)

What I just read about minimum requirements on,35452,1_0_37,00.html

Q11. What are the minimum hardware requirements in the MIDP environment?

Screen size: 96 x 54
Display depth: 1-bit
Pixel shape: 1:1


One or more of the following: "one-handed keyboard", "two-

handed keyboard"(QWERTY), touch screen


128 kB of non-volatile memory for MIDP components
8 kB of non-volatile memory for application-created persistent
32 kB volatile memory for Java runtime


Two-way, wireless, with limited bandwidth

Is not too exciting.

- 30kb maximum on midlet size (ok, that's byte code and quite compact).
- no bluetooth
- just http for communications
- no standard infrared port access
- no pixel access to display

I hope that information is outdated.


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