[freebsd] new erlang related packages

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <>
Thu Dec 12 00:15:37 CET 2002

>  > The error message comes after a short pause.
>  > Any idea?
>   No clue here, looks fine on -stable. Which tcl/wish package are you
>   using?

Hi Jimmy,

I finally understood what was going on:

Your port has no dependency on tcl/tk.

When I had the R8B release, which worked fine with graphics mode,
I probably had some tcl/tk version installed.
Before I built R9B, which had the mentioned problem, I updated
my system from a several months old FreeBSD 5.0-CURRRENT to the latest
known to build -CURRENT. To avoid version problems, I nuked X11
as well and all depending apps, rebuilding everything I needed afterwards.
Obviously there was no tcl/tk package among those rebuilt ports.

As Erlang runs fine without GUI, I would change the port to
handle both cases well.
Your present port seems to decide this depending on the 
definition of the WITHOUT_X11 variable.
So you must insist on having some tcl/tk version installed, 
in case that variable is undefined.

I would also have a look on how other tcl/tk depending
ports handle the various tcl/tk versions, R9B seems
to want 8.3 and above (there was a message on this list regarding
the version needed).

What kind of frustrates me is that I did not infer
that simple problem reason from the error messages..  :)

The graphical toolbar comes up now.
What not works is the ball demo, albeit I can ping/pong
two nodes successfully.. hm.



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