Mobile Erlang?

Mickael Remond <>
Wed Dec 11 17:39:28 CET 2002

Sean Hinde <>:

> > Looking at all those latest cell phones, that come with Java engines,
> > and the wealth of Bluetooth stuff..
> > Is Erlang used in that domain?
> Not currently, though Chandru and I were musing on what it would take to
> compile Erlang for Symbian the other day - it would be pretty darned cool :)

I have heard people that manage to put Erlang on Arm based Linux PDA (IPAQ with
Linux system).
I have also heard of some try to compile Erlang for PalmOS 3. It seems to
require many change, but would allow to have Erlang on a Treo cell phone.
Does someone know if PalmOS 5 (running on Arm) will ease the port of Erlang to
the Palm platform ?
The new palm integrate a bluetooth chip and having Erlang running on it would be
I have know idea of the required changes and how hard it is... 

Mickaël Rémond

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