Dynamic Node Additions

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi <>
Wed Dec 11 12:46:35 CET 2002

We use it a lot - but I have to say that it works alright in a simple case
where one is a primary node and the other is a standby. Throw in a few more
nodes with different applications supposed to failover to different nodes
and it hasn't really worked well in production. And when there is a problem
in live, there isn't much time to study what is happening. Just have to get
it working quickly. So we resort to restarting the nodes.


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> Having said that, we (AXD 301) don't use it. We have rolled         
> our own distributed application controller (based on a              
> prototype by Martin Björklund). It is not for the faint of          
> heart, but ours works well and is extremely well tested.            
And this is probably why the standard dist ac is still broken ...     
Is anybody using it in commercial products ???                        
> I will look into making it available. The agreement with OTP        
> was that it will eventually become part of OTP, but I will          
> not promise that whatever I may publish will be compatible          
> with whatever they may include in OTP in the future. (:             

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