Design phase in Erlang

Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED
Thu Dec 5 21:34:46 CET 2002

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The following documents could give you the picture of Erlang process
creation and message passing cost in comparison with other languages:

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erlang> I have a procces in machine M1 which receives requests to run a state machine which I called "service". 
erlang> N clients send a request to machine M1 to execute the service.
erlang> >From the Erlang point of view, is it a good design to have a process for each client request (N processes) ?
erlang> Viewing it from another way, the service has the same code (logic) for each client but different instances for each client (the states).
erlang> Though, could be better to have those states for every client saved in some kind of structure and use the same code for every client by messages and recursion usage ( only 1 process) ?   N times reentrant code vs N processes.
erlang> It'd be harder to implement but I don't know how Erlang manages the N processes (N same execution routines) in memory when a huge number of processes are running.
erlang> I'd greatly appreciate some feedback about this.
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erlang> Eduardo Figoli
erlang> INswitch solutions

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