interprocess inlining

Shawn Pearce <>
Thu Dec 5 18:24:22 CET 2002

Sean Hinde <> wrote:
> > Indeed. It could be one of the steps towards really using
> > lots of simple processes rather than a few complicated ones.  > > I believe it could make for much more readable code in the
> > end.
> I sense the introduction of Java style hunting through dozens of source code
> files just to find the 3 lines of code which do the actual work ;)

<sarcastic>Doesn't that improve job security though?  ;-)</sarcastic>

Its the object oriented style of programming.  And it drives me nuts
too.  But I often have these little proxy servers because I need/want
to keep state about what is going on as data passes through the module,
but don't want to resort to the process dictionary or a seperate
state server which must also receive the message to update the state.

Indeed we could already program in the java style right now by
creating lots of simple little modules calling each other.  Sort
of like creating a module to handle all sends to a process, rather
than just doing Server ! {command, go, data} when necessary.  :)


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