Tutorial package: how to build an OTP system

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Thu Dec 5 18:18:46 CET 2002

I have made a slightly more ambitious tutorial of how to
build a system from scratch. It's fairly similar to my
previous example, but I tried to make it a little more

I wrote a small HTML file (index.html) that covers the
different steps.

Perhaps someone could put this up on a public web site (e.g.
erlang.org), if you find it useful?

The "interesting" part is a distributed application that
uses start phases and the global name server, and implements
smooth takeover of state. It's actually quite tricky to do
this right, and you're all welcome to try and punch holes
into my example, if you find that it actually isn't safe.
It's not a whole lot of code (some 30 lines), but there are
several opportunities to go wrong.

Anyone with more time is also welcome to make the HTML file
more visually appealing. (:

Anyone with a lot more time might follow up with a tutorial
that shows how a live upgrade would be done. (: (:

Another follow-up tutorial would be to make the system into
an embedded system.

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