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Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi <>
Thu Dec 5 12:04:04 CET 2002


You application directory name should be appname-vsn  - do you have it setup
like this? Can you post your rel file and a directory listing?


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Ok guys,

 I have done a bit more tinkering and come to a few
more concise results. I know that the path is correct,
I can call modules from the shell that are in the same
directory as the *.app file. 

 What other choices are there? Are there any other
reasons this error would be given. Possible other
cuases? Any help would be appreciated.

--- Eric Merritt <> wrote:
> Hello All,
>  Once again I am getting frustrated as all get out
> here. I use the following (per early conversations)
> bat file to attempt to compile a *.rel file. 
> C:\erl5.2\bin\erlc -I <Path>/ebin -o . appname.rel
> No matter what I do it always comes back 'file now
> found:'. I can use the
> systools:make_script command from the shell and get
> the same result wehter I supply a path argument or
> not. I hope one of you have an idea as to what this
> might be. 
> Thanks,
> Eric

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