need more info about release handler

Ulf Wiger <>
Tue Dec 3 18:17:21 CET 2002

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Suresh S wrote:

>i need to build a release for an application in erlang, my
>application in erlang is making use of many other API's and
>protocols, the release should be unpacked in differnet file
>location not in OTP, i need to learn more about release
>handling with examples
>i am going through SASL doc's where he is talking on
>release handler,
>can i get more stuff related to this topic
>more practical
>plase help me out with examples if possible
>thanking u
>suresh s

My example from 2 Dec,

might be a starting point.

If you want to make the code relocatable, you need to
replace the 'local' option in systools:make_script() with {

  Path = ["/home/..../dist_ac/lib/*/ebin"].
  Var = {"MYAPP", "/home/.../dist_ac"}.
  systools:make_script("hack", [{variables,[Var]},
                                {path, Path}]).

and then, when starting the nodes

erl -sname n1 -boot releases/1.0/hack -config \
releases/1.0/sys -boot_var MYAPP /home/.../dist_ac

You may then start by running the command


i.e. the same options as for make_script. This will create a
tarfile, including everything you need. This tarfile can be
unpacked somewhere else with gtar.

A more thorough tutorial of this should of course be
written. Hopefully, this will get you started.

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