Distributed Applications

hfventer hfventer@REDACTED
Mon Dec 2 19:34:21 CET 2002

Thank you for the example code... Things seem a lot less dark now :)

I have successfully run the first node on my windows XP box and the
second on on my Linux box (twinkle in the eye considering the

>Perhaps you can compare my files with yours and find out
>what you've done wrong?
Not sure what the culprit is yet, but off the bat I can spot two major
differences.  First off my directory structure is different... Actually
nonexistant.  I had everything in one directory.  I know this not "how
its done" but I thought that it would not make a difference.  
Secondly my apps do not have supervisors.  This is something that I
thougth I would put in later, since I will eventually need the
robustness they they promise.  I thought to avoid the extra complexity

Not sure which one of these will be the culprit.  Will have to toy
around with it a bit to form a better understanding.

Going to spend the rest of the night reorginising my code base to look
more like your example.  Its amazing home instuctive a few lines of
working code can be :)


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