Distributed Applications

hfventer hfventer@REDACTED
Mon Dec 2 15:05:48 CET 2002

>Just to make sure: when you call nodes() in either of the nodes, can
you actually see 
>the name of the other node in the list?
Not initialy no.
They do connect normally once I use connect tho.  This works and I can
start up processes on the remote nodes just fine.  Both the nodes have
the same cookie in the erlang.cookie file.

Do I understand the expected behavior correctly:
Start node n1 with a boot script that starts (among other things) my
distributed app (erlyhack_map_app).  Since the second (preferred) node
is not yet up, it starts up locally.
Start node n2 with the exact same boot script.  This attempts to start
the distributed app by first notifying the first node to shut the app

If this is correct, then it must be the node communication that is not
set up correctly during bootup of the nodes.
Is there a way to force the communication to be set up between nodes
after boot that will still cause takeover of distributed apps?

>The most common method is net_adm:ping(Node)
Ah, thanks :)

>No, the only difference between sync_nodes_mandatory and
sync_nodes_optional is that
>with ..._mandatory, the nodes will wait forever for each other, and
with ..._optional,
>they will wait for the specified time, and then continue in "single
Once in "single mode" the node will not exhibit any distributed
behavior?  Is there a way to check if a node will cooperate in
distributed applications or not?

Thanks for the info.  Much appreciated.


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