odbc help ( PATCH )

Ingela Anderton <>
Mon Dec 2 09:07:07 CET 2002

> As I mentioned native PostgresSQL ODBC is version 2.5 so it is
> compliant only with ODBC 2 specification. If  erlang ODBC can work well
> with ODBC 2 drivers why it mustn't. My simple patch doesn't affect any
> standard application functionality or behavior so it could be the user's
> choice to use it with reduced to ODBC 2 abilities or not.

Well that does put it in another light. If you look at the
documentation you will see that Erlang ODBC is designed using odbc 3.0
specification and does not claim to work with 2.x drivers. If your
workaround will make it work for 2.x drivers, it is, as you say, up to
the user if they will like to apply the patch. After all Erlang is
open source. I just think you should be aware of what you are doing. I
do agree that probably your patch is pretty harmless but in principal
it is the wrong thing to do. Are there not any 3.0 compliant drivers
for PostgressSQL?

/m.v.h Ingela

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