Compile with "-Wall"

Håkan Stenholm hakan.stenholm@REDACTED
Sat Apr 27 20:41:43 CEST 2002

 >Hi !
 >I try to compile otp_src_R8B-1 with a compiler other than gcc.
 >One of its problems it the "-Wall" option, which is only supported
 >on gcc.
 >It occures in
 >but it looks like, it is also used in .erl files like
 >./lib/ic/src/icgen.erl:1647:allowed_opt('Wall', V)
 >and so on.

One possible solution (or hack) would be to create a mini gcc, a small 
application or shell script that maps or discards gcc compiler flags and 
replaces them with what your compiler uses i.e. converts calls to gcc to 
calls to "other complier".

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