Starting Erlang

Miguel Barreiro Paz enano@REDACTED
Thu Apr 25 13:53:06 CEST 2002

>  We have at least discussed this option as we move towards running
>  Erlang on our device boards. A simple NFS mount might do the
>  trick, though. .....

	The problem with NFS is that upon network failures tends to behave
in rather unpredictable ways, from clean unmounting to mounts hanging or
not recovering for an extremely long time (and thus processes with their
cwd or open descriptors on that filesystem either hanging or dying). One
certainly wants a process reading boot code to work or fail, not to wait
for a long time in an uncertain state. Also events like rebooting a
server and not the clients may range from harmless to a recipe for
disaster depending on client/server combinations.

	(I had to say that, just after fighting a mountain of Linux, AIX,
IRIX and Solaris boxes of various ages using NFS 2 and 3, over TCP and
UDP, with automount and autofs or nothing at all, with soft and hard
mounts, with... agh)



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