pri queue manager/attached .erl file - spawned process exiting

Sameer Pendse sameerp@REDACTED
Fri Apr 19 16:21:30 CEST 2002


i have attached qmpri.erl which implements priority message processing using
time-outs. same problem here is that the spawned process exits/dies quietly,
pman seems to indicate a badarg situation - but that is not getting thrown
to console.

1. c(qmpri).
2. Qm=qmpri:start([1,2,3,4]).
3. qmpri:testdeq(Qm). % this just waits because pid=Qm has vanished

can you advise on why qmpri:qm/1 is quitting out of infinite recursion in
the absence of a stop message?


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On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Sameer Pendse wrote:
>in a spawned process, if i do a io:format("...~w",L) where L is
>a list, then my spawned process exits without a badarg error. if
>i put the L in a [L], it works fine. if i do the badop in a
>top-level process, i do get the badarg error.

Since the secord argument to io:format/2 is supposed to be a list
if you pass it a list as you say the behaviour will depend on what
is in that list.  It may even work:

9> L = [foo].
10> io:format("...~w~n", L).

I tried a couple things and they all gave me a badarg.
What is in your list?


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