Mnesia Questions

Martin J. Logan martin@REDACTED
Wed Apr 10 03:25:21 CEST 2002

Hello All,
    I have a few quiestions regarding mnesia policy and capability.
1. I know that dirty operations do not aquire a lock on a table but do they
respect one?
2. I have a situation where I am reloading some data on the fly. It is not
acceptable to lock the table delete the old data and
    reload the new. Since the data is competely differant it is also not
possible to simply update the records. I must have this done quickly. I
    am wondering if there is some method similar to a pointer switch in C where
in I could fill up another table with the data and then simply
    switch the pointer from the old table to the new - perhaps like a code
change. If this is not possible, and I can think of a few
    reasons why it wouldn't be, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might
rapidly exchange my data.


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