snmp_mgr_tests.erl and udp or gen_udp start() function

Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED
Mon Apr 8 22:36:29 CEST 2002

Philippe Strauss <philou@REDACTED> wrote:

philou> I'm starting to learn Erlang, and I would like to have something
philou> interesting to cut my tooth against, and since I'm in SNMP managers
philou> right now, I try to run snmp_mgr_tests.erl
philou> so how do we start this udp layer? is there an up-to-date
philou> snmp_mgr_tests.erl?

If you work with Cisco routers I have Cisco dial-up connection SNMP
monitor/killer. I used modified snmp_mgr for it so I could get multiple
SNMP sessions at the same time. It has HTTP and CORBA interfaces.

Let me know and I'll send you code by e-mail.

Best Regards,

Vladimir Sekissov

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