Your own behaviours

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi Chandrashekhar.Mullaparthi@REDACTED
Sun Sep 30 21:28:11 CEST 2001

I'll go thru the code for these modules and study them. Thanks! But I
suppose you can do more than just start the top level supervisor in the
"top" module. You can have code to do different things in different
application start phases for example.


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> Chandru,
> This is an issue I have visited before.  The first time we packaged
> an "application" I found it odd that the top module, having behaviour
> application, did pretty much nothing but start top level supervisor
> which was implemented in another module.  I wondered why the 
> supervisor
> couldn't also be the application master.  Looking at the callbacks 
> which the two behaviours have I saw no conflict.  Then I looked at
> OTP for examples and that is just what I found.  Some notable modules
> which behave as both supervisor and application master are kernel
> and sasl.
> Here is the example from kernel.erl:
> 	-module(kernel).
> 	-behaviour(application).
> 	-behaviour(supervisor).
> I wrote a shell script to find all examples (included below) and
> here is the list from R7B-3:
> ./lib/sasl/src/sasl.erl
> ./lib/kernel/src/kernel.erl
> ./lib/mnesia/src/mnesia_event.erl
> ./lib/mnesia/src/mnesia_sup.erl
> ./lib/mnemosyne/src/mnemosyne_sup.erl
> ./lib/mnesia_session/src/mnesia_session_top_sup.erl
> 	-Vance
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> #! /bin/sh
> for i in `find . -name "*.erl"`
> do
>         if [ `fgrep -c "behaviour(" $i` -gt 1 ] 
>         then  
>                 echo $i
>         fi
> done

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