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vad skiljer de kommersiella varianterna numera?

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>************************ R8B PRE-RELEASES ************************
>We are asking you for help testing the pre-releases (P8A) for R8B.
>These are snapshots from our daily build and test.
>The release notes and documentation is not completed yet but you can
>view it in its current state, including a preliminary description of
>the release highlights, at
>  http://www.erlang.org/doc/p8a/doc/
>  http://www.erlang.org/doc/p8a/doc/highlights.html
>The different releases are
>    Solaris 2.5.1 commercial binary pre-release. It is tested on
>    Solaris 2.5.1, Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7.
>    Solaris 8 commercial binary pre-release.

    OpenSource pre-release. Should compile and run on most Unix and
    Linux platforms including Apple OS X.


    HTML documentation and Unix man pages.

We will distribute pre-releases for Windows and Linux x86 soon.

We didn't plan to create commercial pre-release for other platforms
but let us know if you want to test commercial versions for VxWorks
CPU32, VxWorks PPC860, VxWorks PPC603 or Linux PPC605.

Some notes

  The graphical debugger is known to be broken.

  The HTML documentation links to 'ic', 'jinterface' and 'orber'
  are known to be broken. The Unix man pages for 'sofs' and 'xref'
  can't be reached with "erl -man <module-name>".

  The HIPE (High-Performance Erlang) native code compiler for Sparc is
  integrated into the OpenSource release. You can find more
  information about HIPE at "http://www.csd.uu.se/projects/hipe/".

  Solaris binary commercial pre-releases are packed using Solaris TAR,
  all others are packed using GNU TAR.

  All applications have the build date as the version number.

Please send problem reports to <erlang-questions@REDACTED>. If you
are a paying customer you can alternatively send the problem reports
to <support@REDACTED>,

The OTP Team

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