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Richard Carlsson <>
Wed Mar 21 19:19:14 CET 2001

I presented a scheme for adding Java-style packages to Erlang at the
Erlang User Conference last year; the report is avaliable from:

Feedback appreciated. I hope we will be able to implement this some day.

    /Richard Carlsson

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Chris Pressey wrote:

> Alexander Williams wrote:
> > On the other hand, that brings me to an actual Erlang issue I haven't
> > quite figured out yet.  One can't specifically import from a specific
> > file in a specific place in the file hierarchy.  It'd be nice to have
> > some way to define a "package" as the top of some file directory than
> > refer to it with an import like:
> > 
> >   1> top.dir.dir2.dir3:function(args) ...
> > 
> > Unfortunately ... I don't think I can and that's a pretty hefty syntax
> > hack.
> "7.7 Module names
> "Erlang has a flat module structure (i.e. there are not modules within
> modules). Often, however, we might like to simulate the effect of a
> hierarchical module structure. This can be done with sets of related
> modules having the same module prefix.
> "If, for example, an ISDN handler is implemented using five different
> and related modules. These module should be given names such as:
> isdn_init, isdn_partb, isdn_..."
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