TclTk version surprise

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Sat Mar 17 23:59:09 CET 2001

Hi all!

I am not a regular user of the graphical capabilities of Erlang, because I always thought they were so very crude... I didn't even gave them a lot of attention either...

That's why it came to me as a shock today when I realized why it does look so bad: it's Tk 4.2 based! Since the current version is 8.3, and it is supporting native widgets, the looks of the graphics will be much better if we could use the latest! 

I have tried to use wish83 instead of wish42 (by shamelessly renaming the executable) and it indeed looks much better, but not everything works... I suppose some things have changed...

Now my question is whether there are plans to upgrade ETK and GS to Tk8.3? Or maybe some charitable soul might want to help with some pointers?

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