Fun with Erlang (was Re: Stand Alone Erlang for Windows. yet again)

Mickael Remond <>
Fri Mar 16 07:14:07 CET 2001

Chris Pressey () wrote:
> I'm working on a game myself; it's sort of an MUD/MUSE/IF/roguelike
> thing, so I'd be especially interested in hearing about any online
> games
> or other fun stuff that's been attempted in Erlang.

I was thinking about a MUD myself since several years.
Then I meet Thierry Mallard. He told me about an interesting game
project called "Worldforge".

I convinced him to look at Erlang and he convinced me to have a look at
Worldforge. Now we both think that such an online, massively
multiplayer game could be done in Erlang and are exploring such a

Thierry Mallard wrote two articles on this topic, and several others are
being written. If you need more information, you should have a look at
the English Area of the French Erlang-fr site:

Comments are welcome.

Mickaël Rémond

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