Fun with Erlang (was Re: Stand Alone Erlang for Windows. yet again)

Mickael Remond <>
Fri Mar 16 14:44:44 CET 2001

Alexander Williams () wrote:
> Years of actually thinking about and beating on the problem.  I'm
> probably one of the few folks who've both worked on Coda (a
> Scheme-based MU* core) and POO (a Python-based system).  I'd certainly
> be interested in helping out wherever I can, even if its purely on
> design and structure.  (One of the main problems I see in such
> projects most of the time is everyone wants to get in there and beat
> code without thinking of overall design first; I do not suffer that
> problem.  Probably because I find design more fun than
> implimentation.  :))

Hey ? You've worked on Poo ?
This is precisely the Mud that I enjoyed reading and that gave me the
idea to write an Erlang Mud. 
I really like the Poo implementation. I found it brilliant. The code is
extremely compact. Beautiful.

I am very eager to implement such a tool in Erlang, using process
oriented design...

Mickaël Rémond

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