Stand Alone Erlang for Windows. yet again

James Hague <>
Thu Mar 15 16:38:23 CET 2001

What would it take to get SAE working for Windows?  Windows users can't do
much to fix it, as the source still must be cross-compiled under Linux.  So
far queries about this have not been acknowledged by anyone in the know.  I
don't mean to be a pest :)

I use a variety of scripting languages at home and work. Mostly I've used
Perl at work, but I actually used Erlang to prototype an algorithm used in a
commercial PlayStation 2 game, no joke!  (See if you
want to see the game.) I have also written a good chunk of a disassembler in
Erlang, though I may never finish it. I'm switching from Perl to REBOL for
most scripting tasks now, but there are times when working in something high
level but much faster--a la Erlang--is wonderful.

Anyhow, if I write a script in something odd, I need a clean way of
distributing it.  REBOL is a snap, because the entire language plus all
libraries fit into a 214K executable. Erlang is prohibitively messy, because
it requires a full OTP installation.  I could trim it down, but is still

Yes, I'm outside the usual realm of Erlang here!  I've been using Erlang as
kind of a fast, well-maintained alternative to Prolog. If you look around,
there are zero good and free Prologs available.  The commercial ones tend to
cost $1600 and up--per user--for a commercial license.


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