Ingela Anderton <>
Wed Mar 14 14:25:55 CET 2001

>and have the IDE (text editor) suggest possible completions?

In the IDE debate lots of people seem to want to have some kind of
tab-compleation on function names. Well I just want to say that emacs
has a form of tab-compleation that is very useful even if it is not
excatly what you described. If you start typing a word and then do
M-/ emacs will try to find a compleation for you word in any buffer
that you have open. If there is more than one possible compleation you 
can loop through them by repeating the command. I use it all the time.

It would take a rellay advanced IDE before I ever trade away emacs.
I think IDE:s many times limits the way I work and causes a lot of
unnecessary mouse-clicking. No emacs and a unix-shell is the ideal
development environment too me, and of course some version handlig
program like cvs or clearcase. 

/m.v.h Ingela

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