Steve Langstaff <>
Wed Mar 14 12:42:28 CET 2001

Problem solved.
I've hacked the example server code to return { corba_system_exception, Reason }.

On 09 March 2001 13:32, Steve Langstaff [SMTP:] wrote:

> For the server that implements the subset of the IDL-specified interface, I 
> want the client
> access function call to be informed if the function is not implemented by 
> the server.
> As far as I can see, the example C server code does not pass back 
> CORBA_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION back to the client:
> env->_major is set to CORBA_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION because 
> whatever_module__switch() does not implement the function. env->_iout count 
> appears to be set to 0.
> Shouldn't there be some kind of ei_send_encoded() call to return an error 
> to the client?

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