New mnesia events

Dan Gudmundsson <>
Fri Mar 9 12:01:00 CET 2001

Sounds nice, if I got the time I'll add it in the R8 release..


Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi writes:
 > I think it will be useful if mnesia could issue the following events.
 > {table_created, Table}
 > {table_deleted, Table}
 > {table_available, Table} - This would be like an asynchronous version of
 > mnesia:wait_for_tables(Tables, Timeout). Right now, I have some very big
 > tables and a process which uses them doesn't know when they will be
 > available. But it can't wait forever in mnesia:wait_for_tables - the way to
 > do it now would be to have a timer to periodically check if the required
 > table is available. Would be easier if my process could just subscribe for
 > an event.
 > The first two would be useful in a case where tables are created/deleted
 > dynamically in an application. The way to do it now would be to use
 > mnesia:report_event - but it would be nice to have a standard way of knowing
 > when a table has been created/deleted.
 > The table event {delete, {Tab, Key}, ActivityId} is not issued for each key
 > when a table is deleted - which is sensible - but {table_deleted, Table}
 > would nicely fill the gap.
 > cheers,
 > Chandru

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