Speaking of documentation

Mickael Remond <>
Thu Mar 8 14:31:42 CET 2001

Chris Pressey () wrote:
> Is there a supported "autodoc" facility for Erlang, where one can write
> documentation embedded in comments in the code, which is then extracted
> and processed into 'formal' documentation in HTML (or whatever)?
> I've noticed some unexplained comment sentinels in various sources, but
> I've also noticed that the documentation and code are in seperate files
> for all of the library modules I've looked into so far.

We are using a very simple in-house documentation tool that produces
Latex documentation of the code.

Maybe we should release this tool if you that it could serve as a basis
for further improvement.

I am also looking seriously at CCviewer: It might be great to integrate
such a doc tool with Ulf Wiger's source code browser.

I must dig deeper to see if/how this could be feasible.

Mickaël Rémond

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