Erlang Development Environment

Mickael Remond <>
Wed Mar 7 15:31:31 CET 2001

Sean Hinde () wrote:
> I didn't envisage that any of these things would go away, and Erlang is a
> pretty good reason to download and learn to drive emacs.. I do think though
> that at least a dedicated erlang editor with:
> 1. Function name completion on tab,
> 2. 'f1' to take you to the detailed doc for that function
> 3. or even just bring up the possible function headers with the names of the
> variables (kind of like you get when entering an equation in M$ Excel) -
> this could even work without access to any docs and for our own functions in
> our own modules in the current path.
> 4. Click to jump to the function implementation.
> 5. .. Take a look at Visual C++ or some of those things and steal (without
> breaking any software copyright laws of course ;) ) the best and most
> relevant ideas.

Here is what I found on Ericsson site:

It seems that some other people are thinking that such a tool would be

Mickaël Rémond

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