Erlang Development Environment

Torbjorn Tornkvist <>
Wed Mar 7 12:05:01 CET 2001

> I tried to use xerl (not for very long though, emacs + shell was a much nicer 
> combo) when I worked o my master thesis about three years ago and I found xerl 
> to rather horrible (mostly GUI vise):

I agree. I just want to clarify that the reason for xerl
was to let (SUN) textedit "hackers" to use something
that at least could do automatic indentation. For example,
before xerl, we had students at some courses that wrote
Erlang programs where each line started in column 1 or
even worse, wrote the whole program in one (wrapped) line... :-)

Cheers /Tobbe
(Ps. xerl used pxw which was a layer on top of the Athena widget set)

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