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David Gould <>
Wed Mar 7 10:43:18 CET 2001

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 10:20:37AM +0100, Erik Johansson wrote:
>  HiPE is closing in on a final BETA version (for UltraSPARC) and will
>  hopefully be released as an *unsupported* addition to OTP R8. (No promises
> yet.)
hands make light work. Or is it 
>  There will be some important aspects missing in this release such as
> automatic
>  purging of old native code.
>  We are working on the X86 port in parallel and we hope it will be released
> this summer.
>  (Possibly with much luck there will be an alpha version ready for R8, but
> don't bet on it.)

I would really like to see _something_ for x86 as early as possible. One
of the issues I run into trying to introduce Erlang to the unwashed is
"well, it can't be fast enough, especially without a compiler, we need speed,
so will have to use Java", ok, the bit about Java was a joke. But to be able
to say, I am testing an early alpha of the compiler and "next year when we
need to deploy at large scale" it will be 10x faster" could go a long
way to getting a chance to use Erlang for some projects. It is not
that it really isn't fast enough now, but overcoming "I've never heard of it",
"and noone knows it", and "it might be too slow" is almost impossible so
it is hard to get a chance to succeed or fail.

When I say "_something_", it does not need to work. Nor to support all of
otp. Just enough to say, ok, fib() is 10x faster, and regexing through a
megabyte of text is 4x faster, or whatever would be great.



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