Erlang Development Environment

Robert Virding <>
Tue Mar 6 18:16:11 CET 2001

"Erik.Johansson" <> writes:
>> I agree.  If constant data had it's own non-GCed memory pool, that would be
>> great.  But that's a big change to the runtime, I expect.  Oh, but it would
>> really open up possibilities, IMO.
>Well, the change is not that big, it is a bit problematic with the current GC, but it is doable.
>In fact, when you compile a function to native code with HiPE all constant data structures are stored in such a memory pool. (This
> feature might be added to BEAM at some point...)

How do you garbage collect this memory pool?  I presume that the idea
is to NOT a structure from the pool into a process heap.  In that case
how do you know when to clear structures from the pool?  Just removing
them when the module is purged is not enough as they may still be
referenced from process heaps.

I am assuming here that you using the seperate process heap model of
the BEAM.  If you are using a single heap then the problem goes away.


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