Erlang Development Environment

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Tue Mar 6 08:17:41 CET 2001

>I'd rather the root of this problem be solved; namely, that GS is slow
>under Windows.  Could the performance not be improved if it were
>implemented directly with Windows API calls (avoiding Tk completely)?

I've been thinking about that too. I think it would be a very cool thing to 
push things even further and implement a full-blown window manager and 
widget toolkit in Erlang!

But on the other hand, that might have mostly an academic purpose... I still 
think that for each purpose one should use the best tool available, and that 
one shouldn't reinvent the wheel if it isn't needed (unless of course, one 
feels it will be a better wheel!)

Since I believe Delphi is the best tool for building GUIs under Windows and 
now Linux, then I feel no hesitation! :-)

A related issue that I've tried to handle is how this GUI should be baked in 
an Erlang program. One could interface Erlang with the bowels of Delphi, but 
I feel that would be defeating it's own purpose. The solution I am trying to 
implement right now is using a clean client-server (or model-view) 
separation. This way, one can easily keep a command-line interface, if so 

>Create a full-blown graphical syntax for Erlang along the lines of 
>Boerenkool or Lava.  Allow for several
>parallel views of the same source code.  It could be viewed "by module",
>"by process", "by node", "by dependency", or any other conceivable
>hierarchical breakdown that is applicable to things in Erlang.

That is a great idea. As a matter of fact, a first step might be to 
implement a SDL-like design tool, which might be then refined with for 
example code generation and so on. I was quite disappointed that the SDL 
tools I tried can only generate C or C++ code...

>I don't see why it couldn't be done in GS, either.  Especially if there
>was an implementation of GS closer to the operating system.

Of course it can. The question is if it's worth the effort. If someone can 
spend time on that, I will become one of their greatest fans! :-)

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