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Chris Pressey <>
Tue Mar 6 01:26:35 CET 2001

James Hague wrote:
> 3. I know Erlang is used more under UNIX than Windows, but it would be cool
> to see the process browser and other graphical apps written with Delphi (for
> example) so they aren't so dog slow and ugly under Windows :)

I'd rather the root of this problem be solved; namely, that GS is slow
under Windows.  Could the performance not be improved if it were
implemented directly with Windows API calls (avoiding Tk completely)?

> 2. Get stand-along Erlang working under Windows.  I would *love* this!
> Please, please!

I second that emotion.

> a. There's no simple, efficient way to have large, constant data structures.

OK, but I'd rather not there be some "special method" in Erlang for
making large constant data structures, efficient.  An optimizer of some
sort should see to that, behind the scenes.

My opinion on the general topic - not necessarily representative of the
typical Erlang programmer, admittedly - is that if some sort of
"visually-oriented development environment" is called for, then we might
as well shoot for the stars.  Create a full-blown graphical syntax for
Erlang along the lines of Boerenkool or Lava.  Allow for several
parallel views of the same source code.  It could be viewed "by module",
"by process", "by node", "by dependency", or any other conceivable
hierarchical breakdown that is applicable to things in Erlang.

The hardcore will always use the shell anyway, might as well make it as
nice as possible for the GUI users; more than just a specialized text

I don't see why it couldn't be done in GS, either.  Especially if there
was an implementation of GS closer to the operating system.

Just my 2 cents :-)

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