MC68000 port

Bjorn Gustavsson <>
Sat Mar 3 08:55:47 CET 2001

Sorry, I still haven't had any spare time to write any BEAM documentation.
And, no, we have no internal documentation that we are keeping secret.

According to my plans, I might have some spare time
right after the R12 release. :-)

However, in the R8 release, there will be an improved and extended beam_lib
plus a BEAM disassembler for .beam files. (For a BEAM disassembler for
loaded code, try erts_debug:df(Mod) (in R7B). A Mod.dis file will be


James Hague <> writes:

> > I would love to have the BEAM specification (with all the 
> > opcodes, ...).
> > I would then volunteer to make a beam interpreter on the Palm 
> > (using Forth
> > probably to get a very small overhead compared to C).
> I would love to see document describing the BEAM architecture, including a
> reference for the generic opcode set.   I expect it would be fairly easy to
> write an emulator for a subset of BEAM.  Not only would be an interesting
> project, but it would open the door to writing pico Erlangs for specific
> needs.  Surely Ericsson has a BEAM write-up that could be released?
> James

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