More daydreaming

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Thu Mar 1 16:06:38 CET 2001

Me again :-)

It's strange how once the thoughts begin to wander, they aren't easy to 
stop. I don't think my thoughts are completely weird, and that's why I share 
them... hope it's okay with you :-)

I've been reading about Web services and peer-to-peer networking as a 
combination that might very well becom the next wave of hype... Now Erlang 
ís very good at handling web services (more or less visible ones), and it is 
transparent to the programs whether there is a central server or a p2p 
network delivering the services...

So it might be a way to get some positive effects from the hype-wave. What 
do you think? I don't mean riding the wave, as this is risky, but use the 
wake and go forward...

ErlangOS - hmm, I had missed the Erlang processor thing. That would be a 
great thing too! But having it as a desktop OS would be nice also. With some 
kind of bridge that will let POSIX compliant apps run as special Erlang 
processes, preferably. That's a project I'd like to work with for the next 
years! :-)

that's all for now. Regards,
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