Encoding in base64 using awk, grep, sed, or find

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Tue Jun 26 16:26:16 CEST 2001

I do not see how your question is related to Erlang! But if you want
to use Erlang for base64 encoding the easiest way would be to use the
library function in httpd_util

encode_base64(ASCIIString) -> Base64String

              ASCIIString = string()
              Base64String = string()

       encode_base64 encodes a plain ascii string to a Base64 encoded string. See RFC 1521 for a description of Base64 encoding. 

If you insist on implementing the function yourself that wold be a quite
short erlang program, it would however not use awk, grep, sed or find. 

Nur Joo Han Guna Segar wrote:
> Hey there,
> I would like your help on this matter.
> My instructor have asked me to encode a text file into a base64 file by 
> using grep, sed, awk or find.
> I would appreciate your help
>                                                       Thanks
>                                                       Joo Han
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