gen_udp:open(...[{packet, 0}])

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Fri Jun 22 18:51:37 CEST 2001

What happened to raw IP support for UDP? Seems it was in R6 but is
gone from OTP R7B. :-(

We have an Erlang success story. About a year ago, we assigned a
summer intern to write a proxy in Erlang, as a pilot project, for
remote database dips done while handling calls on our IVR platform.
The result was probably the most reliable app we have, running a pair
of proxy servers set up so clients fail from one proxy to the other -
also proxies can fail from one server to another at the remote SCP.

During the past year, the proxies have sailed through almost weekly
outages of the remote servers, including extended (rolling) blackouts
in CA, etc. without losing a hit. No memory leaks, segfaults, or going
off into the ozone. It just works. Jättebra! (er, "Great!" - was that
the right word?)

The gen_udp:open.. {packet,0} change came to our attention when trying
to extend the proxy system to other services on newer boxes running

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