Bypass module for INETS

Kenneth Browne (EEI) Kenneth.Browne@REDACTED
Thu Jun 21 15:44:58 CEST 2001

I'm having a problem trying to find a solution to this problem:
Single Login
I have two web servers. One is using Apache (server1) and the other is using INETS (server2). I first logon to server1 using Apache's basic authentication. This opens up a frameset. The top frame has a HTML page from server1 and the bottom frame serves a page from server2. The problem is that server2 requires a user name and password (the same user name and password which was used to logon to server1) to logon to its site. 
How do I bypass the basic authentication on the INETS (server2) server. I don't want the login box to appear. I cannot use the allow directive because I will not know the IP address of the client (or any other details for that matter). 
I have tried using the http://username:password@my_server:port/dir <http://username:password@my_server:port/dir>  but I have Java applets on the pages which I require from server2 and they wont load when I use this method. 
                            +----------+                 +---------------------------+
                            | client   |<--------------->|  INETS (server2)   |
                            +----------+                  |                            |
                                ^                          +---------------------------+
        |  Apache (server1)            |
        |                                      |
To cut a long story short: I just want to have 1 login box which will allow me to login to both servers ?????
Any help is appreciated !!!!
-Ken Browne.   
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