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FIRST call for papers    FIRST call for papers    FIRST call for papers

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                     Post-Conference Workshop

			   CICLOPS 2001
	                  Colloquium on 
	        Implementation of Constraint and LOgic
		        Programming Systems

                     held in conjunction with the
             International Conference on Logic Programming

                          Paphos, Cyprus

                          December 1, 2001
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This workshop is a continuation of the series of workshops on
Implementations of Logic Programming Systems, previously held with
considerable success in Budapest (1993), Santa Margherita (1994)
and Ithaca (1994), as well as the Compulog Net workshops on
Parallelism and Implementation Technologies held in Madrid (1993-4),
Utrecht (1995), Bonn (1996), Port Jefferson (1997), Manchester (1998),
Las Cruces (1999), and London (2000). This year, the event will join
forces with TRICS (Techniques for Implementing Constraint Programming
Systems), previously held in Singapore (2000), thus providing coverage
to implementation technology for both Logic and Constraint Programming.

The last years have seen continuous progress in the computing technology
available both for the academic and commercial computing environments.
Examples include improved processor performance, increased memory capacity
and bandwidth, faster networking technology, and Operating System support for
cluster computing. Combined with recent advances in compilation
technologies, these improvements are causing high-level languages to be
regarded as good candidates for programming complex, real world

Logic Programming and Constraint Programming, in particular, seem to offer
one of the best alternatives, as they couple a very high level of
abstraction and a declarative nature with an extreme flexibility in the
design of its execution model. 

The main intent of this workshop is to bring together, in an informal
and friendly setting, key researchers on implementation technologies
for logic and constraint-based languages and systems, in order to promote 
a much needed exchange of ideas and feedback on recent developments.

The workshop is focused on design and implementation of logic and 
constraint programming systems whether sequential, parallel, 
or concurrent.  Preference will be given to the analysis and description
of implemented systems (or systems currently under implementation) and
their associated techniques, problems found in their development or
design, and steps taken towards the solution of these problems.

Suggested topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  - standard and non-standard implementation schemes
        e.g. modification of WAM, translation to C,
             native-code generation etc.
  - optimizing compilers and static analysis
  - parallelism and concurrency 
  - techniques for the implementation of different extensions of 
	logic  and constraint programming, e.g., multi-paradigm 
	languages and systems, non-monotonic reasoning systems, inductive 
	logic programming
  - benchmarking and performance evaluation
  - Software design aspects of LP/CP systems: components, patterns, 
  - memory management and garbage collection
  - programming environments
  - tools for internet applications
  - experiences from using systems in real-life applications

Authors are invited to submit papers written in English and not
exceeding 12 pages (10pts Font, letter-size paper, 1 inch margin).  
To speed up the process of refereeing, authors 
are requested to submit their paper in Postscript or PDF form by electronic 
mail to the workshop coordinator (e-mail address below).
Conventional paper copies may be sent to the contact address below
only if access to electronic media is not available.  Submissions
should contain full return mail and email address (if applicable),
and FAX number (if applicable) of the contact author.
Prospective authors are kindly requested to first send an indication of
interest together with a paper title to the organizers.  Deadline for
submissions is September 5, 2001.  Authors submitting by electronic mail
will receive an acknowledgement (also by electronic mail) within 2-3

Accepted papers:
Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least two referees.  Authors
will be notified of the acceptance of their papers by September 23, 2001.
To be included in the workshop proceedings (to be distributed to the
workshop participants), revised versions of the accepted papers
must be sent no later than October 5, 2001.  Electronic versions of the
accepted papers will be also made available through the workshop's

Workshop Chairs:

	I. Dutra	(Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
	M. Henz		(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Program committee:
	M. Carro	(Politechnic Univ. of Madrid, Spain)
	M. Carlsson 	(SICS, Sweden)
	B. Demoen	(K.U. Leuven, Belgium)
	G. Gupta	(Univ. of Texas at Dallas, USA)
	F. Laburthe	(Bouygues E-lab, France)
	I. Niemela 	(Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
	E. Pontelli     (New Mexico State University, USA)
        V. Santos Costa (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
	C. Schulte	(Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany)
	F. Silva	(Univ. of Porto, Portugal)

Important dates:
   Indication of interest:    as soon as possible
   Submission of papers:        September  5, 2001
   Notification of authors:     September 23, 2001
   Final version sent by:       October    5, 2001
   ICLP'01 Conference:      Nov. 26 - Dec. 1, 2001
   Workshop:                    December   1, 2001 

Contact address for Workshop Coordinator:
	Enrico Pontelli	
	Dept. Computer Science
	New Mexico State University
	Box 30001/CS, 
	Las Cruces, NM 88003

   	Phone: +1 (505) 646-6239
   	FAX:   +1 (505) 646-1002
   	email: epontell@REDACTED

Workshop Web Site:


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