Tony Pedley tonyp@REDACTED
Tue Jul 31 15:52:40 CEST 2001

My Apologies,  I have gone back over the source in question and its not the
erlang:universaltime function which is causing the problem.

Still its useful to know where the bifs source are (I couldn't find it during
my first search).

I also know now that


causes a bif error.



Sean Hinde wrote:

> > Does anyone know where I can get the sources for
> > erlang:universaltime()
> Sources are available from
> bifs are defined in the file bif.c in erts/emulator/beam
> > I  have been getting a crash since it kept on returning
> >
> > {{2001,7,32},{5,0,0}}
> >
> > for todays date
> Works OK for me on my NT and Solaris machines. What OS you are running?
> - Sean
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