Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Jul 23 02:44:07 CEST 2001

Finally I made a first TEST release of erlgtk (0.9.2)

This release will at least work for linux, a windows release is running,
but still a bit hard to compile  (and assemble :-)

Developers are welcome to the sourceforge to give me a hand.

Features in this release:
- Gtk/Gdk support.
- Glade/XML support (glade2erl both compile and view)
- Basic gnome gui support (more will be added)
- Inital GtkGL support (opengl)
- Examples.

Still many small things missing.

- Collision with gs (gs has an internal module called gtk). I have 
already got a
    promise that the gs (gtk) module will be renamed to make room for 
the gtk module.
    This means that gtk and gs will not run very good together. I think 
that I will add
    a patch for this later.

- A controversial thing, the arity of fun's. The Erlang/Gtk binding will be
    more beautiful if fun's can have arbitrary arity (as in C) where 
extra arguments
    are just discarded. erlang:fun_info(Fun, arity) could fix this.
    Now the Gtk callback must have the correct number of arguments, even 
though in Erlang         (with closure) there is seldom need for the 
arguments at all.

Please look in the examples direcory, and learn some Gtk before ask a 
lot of questions ;-)
Gtk is easy to learn, and produce nice output (I think)

download it from:

Have fun

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