shared memory in Erlang

Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Wed Jan 31 02:30:36 CET 2001

In message <20010130171922.B6028@REDACTED> David Gould writes:
>It does not really look easy to build such a thing in Erlang. Possibly
>a linked in driver could provide a suffcient interface to the critical
>parts, eg lock manager, page cache, page qualification (get rows on this
>page that match a predicate), page update etc.
>Indeed, such a beast might be much cleaner and more stable than existing
>db systems because of the enforced strict isolation of the shared memory
>behind a defined interface (ie, no random pointer poking). Interesting
>project for someone with a big need for a high performance Erlang dbms.

It sounds like what's *really* desired here is a multiprocessor-friendly
implementation of Erlang, so that a single Erlang node could use
several CPUs on an SMP at once.  (In fact, Erlang is probably a
nice fit to NUMA architecutres too, not just SMP.)


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