Makefile and Erlang

Gunilla Hugosson gunilla@REDACTED
Tue Jan 30 09:36:42 CET 2001

Alexis Le-Quoc wrote:


> The {variable, [{"TEST", "some_path"]} and {path, [...]} in
> systools:make_script/2 put a $TEST in the boot script. Then, I un-tarred
> the file to some place and ran:
> erl -boot_var TEST `pwd`/lib -boot `pwd`/releases/1/start but it crashes
> the VM, since it can't find the code. I set TEST to `pwd`/lib because the
> $TEST variable appears followed by myapp-vsn/ebin in the script. To no
> avail. I also tried to set TEST to the directory where I un-tarred
> the package; it did not work either.


What you describe above (using a variable when generating
the script using systools:make_script/2 and setting its
value using -boot_var `pwd`/lib) is perfectly correct and
should work. Are you sure the value of TEST="some directory"
is correct? What happens when you try to start erl, what
error messages do you get? Is the application sasl included
in your .rel-file? If not, add it, as it will generate more
printouts when starting Erlang that might be useful for

Note also that systools:make_tar is primarily intended for
building a tar file that is used to upgrade an already
existing system.

/ Gunilla

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